Aquaponics – I found my tank!

I don’t have much land to spare at my home. So my options are limited to something that can be kept on our concrete rooftop. I was almost ready to get a couple of used blue barrels, that’s when my friend, Nishad, told me that he had seen a place where they sell used tanks with metallic frame around it. I knew what he was talking about! I rushed to the shop, and there it is – IBC!!! 🙂

IBC Tank Shop - Muttom

Location of IBC Tank / Blue Barrel shop (near the temple)

For those who are from the Kochi area, this shop (or yard) is in Muttom on NH47 on the right hand side on the way from Kochi to Aluva. Next to the temple (see the map).

They also have used blue barrels and some other interesting plastic containers. The shop owner, Jabbar, was helpful and agreed to cut the top portion of the fish tank and frame off for me so that I can make it an open fish tank. I was worried whether the container was used for storing chemicals before, but he said he will find one that is safe for fish! Had I known what he meant! 🙂

Two tanks, one for the fish tank and one for the grow bed, together costed me about Rs 5,000 (about $80). I have a feeling that these plastic tanks might not last for too long, may be not beyond a couple of years. I think it still is a worthy investment because if the plastic breaks (fish isn’t going to like that!) I can put a polyethylene sheet inside the metallic frame and continue to use it.

I’m now anxiously awaiting for the tanks to arrive home! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Aquaponics – I found my tank!

  1. Hi what happen to your aquaphonics farm. Do you think it is a scam. Or it is only of entertainment value ” fashion “. Not of any practical significance to community.


    • In fact my aquaponic experiment turned out to be successful, at least much better than I expected. I am now working on the phase 2 of the experiment. I’ll soon catch up on the blog and post some pictures.


  2. Hello Naazim,

    Glad that I found your blog.

    I was also doing a little farming using grow bags mostly then made a grow bed with Hydroponics and feel to give Aquaponics a try.

    I was searching for a IBC tank and I found this page. I shall be checking this place out today evening and see if I can get myself couple of IBC tanks.

    I had few doubts about implementing the system though. Where did you buy the pump from? Which is the pump that you are using ? Could you please share some insights to that ? Are those available in Kochi ?

    I feel after reading a lot and looking at many videos I have a hold on setting up tank, putting gravel and doing required plumbing. But not sure on how to setup the pump and what pump to use and about the fish foods to use.

    Guidance in all directions of setting a aquaponics at my terrace would be wonderful.

    Thank you.


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