Mint (puthina) in Aquaponics

Mint was one of the first plants I tried in aquaponics and it did extremely well.


Mint after the first few weeks of planting

I started with a small cutting in my constant flood bed. It took a while, may be three weeks, before it got its roots established and started growing. Then it spread across the growbed very fast. Leaves were very healthy and it replenishes fast after a harvest. Sometimes it gets in the way of other plants and needs curbing. And they are notorious for getting inside the pipes in the growbed.


Mint root gets inside the pipe

At one time we were distributing mint leaves to our neighbours every weekend. Kids enjoyed this and on some days they were returning home with candies. I don’t know whether they had any secret barter deal going 🙂


Mint leaves and okra (old picture)

Mint, however, is very sensitive to having water above its roots, even for a few hours. Recent over flooding issue that we had damaged most of our mint and it is now just recovering.


Mint recovering after the over flooding issue

That’s all on mint for now. My next project on Mint is to have it in an NFT or tower system. More on that later.

4 thoughts on “Mint (puthina) in Aquaponics

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    • In an aquaponic system additional nutrients are usually not necessary, unlike in hydroponic systems. Only input I have into the system is fish feed.


    • Well I guess you probably already have gotten a few harvests of Mint. But I’ll answer anyway.

      In aquaponics normally you don’t add any additional nutrients other than the nutrients plants get from fish waste. In more than two years I never added any supplements in my systems. However, in a commercial setting you might need to provide some natural supplements, e.g iron supplements.


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