Three in one (Chicken, Fish, Passion fruit)

We had an old chicken enclosure on our rooftop where we used to raise Japanese Quail (Kada Kozhi) for eggs. Kids always loved their morning routine of going to the terrace.


We modified the enclosure to have a fish tank under it by welding metallic sheets connecting the legs of the enclosure and putting plastic sheet inside it. This will hold about 500 litres of water and should support the new growbed I am designing. There is a metallic sheet below the enclosure to prevent chicken manure falling in to the tank.



I was looking for ways to reduce heat in the chicken enclosure since it is kept openly on the terrace. So I got a frame added above the enclosure to grow passion fruit  (thanks for the idea Jasid!).



It is going to take a while before the enclosure gets fully covered by the passion fruit plant, so I need a temporary arrangement to keep the heat low before I bring home our new addition to the roof top farm – the chicken! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Three in one (Chicken, Fish, Passion fruit)

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  3. Sir, please send the link for the next blog.
    It is the exact one I was searching the whole internet for the last one year!

    I’m at Mumbai an would like to learn from you how to set up the fish pond for Tilapia….
    Thanks -n- Regards



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