Aquaponics – Update on Semi Looper Caterpillar on Snake Gourd (Padavalanga)

Continuing from my last post. This issue is now more or less under control. Phew! that was a lot of bugs to battle out!

I caught at least a couple of dozens of Semi Loopers. Usually you will find very small ones at the tip of the plant. It seems they start with soft leaves before they have their teeth grown to eat the bigger harder leaves :-).

Small ones are real problem makers. They pretty much kill the growth of the plant and are hard find and catch.

I am convinced that it is possible to manual control Semi Loopers by hand picking in a small farm provided we identify the infestation early enough. If not controlled aggressively, it takes only three to four days for the plant to go bald with all its leaves gone.
If you start seeing a sudden reduction in the number of flowers, that’s an indication of an infestation.


Semi Looper


Semi Looper kiddos


Indication of Semi Looper infestation

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