Sprouts – A must try!

I always knew that sprouts are great to have in our diet. My mother makes dishes out of sprouts all the time. She keeps mung beans (ചെറുപയർ / cherupayar) or chickpeas  (കടല / kadala) in water over night, and then covers it in a damp cloth for another day or so for sprouts to develop. Any dish she cooks out of these sprouts are delicious!

The other day my good friend and farming partner, Rasheedka, called up and said he experimented with keeping sprouts in a growing medium like coco peat (ചകിരിച്ചോർ) for a few more days after soaking it overnight. He harvested it in five days and had really good results.

So I thought I should try it too. I bought a small tray (18″ x 12″ x 1″), drilled a few holes underneath it and filled half of it with coco peat (neo peat brand ചകിരിച്ചോർ). Soaked a cup of mung beans (ചെറുപയർ / cherupayar) overnight and spread it on coco peat in the tray and covered it with a thin layer of coco peat. In about three to four days we had an excellent harvest of fairly well grown sprouts that was sufficient for our family as a side dish for lunch. We removed the roots and cooked it just like how we cook cheera (ചീര), and we all (especially kids) loved it!

I really think this is a ‘must try’ at every home. Very easy to grow without the trouble of growing vegetables. If you start the process over the weekend, you can harvest fully grown sprouts during the week days! Sprouts are rich in protein and are an excellent source of nutrients and minerals. Other than mung beans, you can try pretty much any other pulse, like horse gram (മുതിര / muthira), chickpeas  (കടല / kadala), etc.


Mung beans (ചെറുപയർ) sprouts


Mung beans (ചെറുപയർ) sprouts

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