New members to the roof top farm

After a long wait we finally brought a few chickens home. We put them in the three in one chicken enclosure  (posted about this earlier) on our rooftop.

There are four Onagadori (three female and a male) and one Karim Kozhi (female). My good friend Jasid gave me these chickens from the farm that his father runs (Cichin Pets Farm).


Onagadori Chickens


Karim Kozhi chicken


Onagadori (means long tail) is native to a place in Japan called Köchi (somewhat same name as my home town, Kochi). Hopefully chickens feel home! 😉

Karim Kozhi is a local verity that is totally black. Their eggs and meat are known to be having medicinal values.

All are young ones just started laying eggs. When we got home with the chickens a couple of days ago, there was an egg in the box! Karim Kozhi is on a roll! 🙂


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