Aquaponics – First harvest of cauliflower

We planted a couple of cauliflower on an aquaponic growbed in mid November. Plants grew fast and looked really healthy. However it was a bit slow to flower. We just harvested one today and there is one more getting ready.

I want to plant a buch more but have to wait until next Oct for cooler weather :-(. May be I should try again before that under rain/sun shelter. Anybody had sucess in growing cauliflower out of season in Kerala?

In short, cauliflower does well in aquaponics. For those who are hands on, I had these plants in a constant flood gravel based 1.5×13 ft. bed connected to a 1000L constant water-level (CHIFT) fish tank with sump, with around 40 tilapia (Nilotica) of 6-8 inches fed with commercial (I know, I hate it too) feed.


Cauliflower – getting ready


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