Aquaponics – Redoing an old growbed

Finally it’s happening! I have been wanting to clean up the media in one of my older growbeds and convert it from constant flood into a flood and drain system. Also wanted to take my hybrid experiment to the next level.

I got external help for cleaning the grow media as it is a labour intensive activity  (yah, I am lazy 🙂 )


I had him clean the gravel and leave it outside of the growbed for the time being.


The plastic inside growbed tank (it’s an IBC) is already starting to break so I have put in a polyethylene lining inside the tank, so that hopefully I won’t have to worry about this system for at least another year.



We are running short of water supply over the last couple of days so I have kept the bed in half done state but in shape to keep the water filtered for the fish.


I have a couple of containers getting ready for planting.


I hope to get this system fully functional over the weekend. More coming.

5 thoughts on “Aquaponics – Redoing an old growbed

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  2. These are very informativey and appreciate you finding time to share the lessons on aquaponics. Where in Kochi can you get Tilapia for aquaponics ?


    • Thanks Sunil.

      Finding good Tilapia fingerings is a challenge. I have bought it from a few sources. One that I think the most reliable is Natures Way Hydrofauna near Cherthala. Here is the location

      I went there a few months back. They had Nilotica (Fast growing tilapia, a verity from Nile river), Pink Tilapia (again a veriety of Nilotica, but looks nicer and tastes same), and GIFT (genetically improved farm tilapia). GIFT is nothing but Nilotica, but it is an improved verity through selective breeding and not genetically modified. They are the fastest in growth and are very hardy. However, GIFT tilapia are usually hormone treated at young age to convert them all to male, for keeping high growth in a farm setting (to avoid breeding). I am not a fan of this and won’t recommend buying GIFT, especially for farming at home (or otherwise).

      Please note, farming of all of these tilapia verities in open water is restricted by government as they destroy native species. But they are okay to be farmed in closed systems lke aquaponics.

      I hope this helps.


  3. Hello,
    My name is Dr Wilson Lennard and I am currently writing a scientific and technical book on the integrated agricultural production technology Aquaponics.
    In a section of my book I write about the fact that media culture clog. As part of the argument I wish to use an image. I came across the first image above on the internet of your clogged media bed and am asking you whether it would be possible for me to use the image in my book?
    I would, of course, reference the image as being owned by you via the inclusion of the appropriate web address in the image description.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    • Hello Dr. Willson,

      Thank you for reaching out. You are more than welcome to use the above mentioned image.

      All the best for your book project.



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