Where did the shoes go?

This incident happened a while ago, but this post was sitting in my drafts half done until I read it again today. I thought I should post it, and hopefully it will bring a smile to your faces 🙂

One morning my wife walked up to me with an empty bucket and asked whether I know what happened to the canvas shoes she had kept inside the bucket.

Our boys have to wear white canvas shoes to school on certain days. They usually bring back the white shoes in brown color after their day long adventures. Their mom keeps the dirty shoes in detergent overnight before she touches it. This morning she found her bucket empty and trying to figure out where the shoes went.

I took up the challenge and started my investigation. I looked around the area where the bucket was kept for clues, and concluded that whoever did this did it professionally without leaving any evidence. 🙂

I expanded my investigation domain and started walking around the house, even took a peak at my neighbour’s backyard. I started suspecting that probably my wife forgot to put the shoes in the bucket to begin with, but I decided to keep that theory to myself for the sake of maintaining family harmony. 🙂

After about an hour of brilliant research I was still clueless. Giving up on investigation and heading to the shoe shop was not an option that my ego would accept. But I had to take a break anyway to feed my fish and do my regular rounds in the farm.

I opened our 1000L fish tank to feed the fish. I couldn’t believe my eyes, two pairs of shoes are floating in the tank. Usual frenzy feeding-time jumping of fish was not to be seen. I wasn’t certain what detergent does to the fish other than making them look nicer. Luckily fish were still active and moving around although they didn’t look too happy about this human attempt to walk on water.

I started interrogating each of my children, from the eldest first, but all were proven to be innocent except my innocent two year old son. As soon as I approached him smell of detergent was evident. As a practical way of rational discussion with a toddler, I picked him up and cuddled him. His T shirt was still slightly wet from the detergent and his cute smile did put an end to my hour long investigation.

You never know what these two year olds are capable of! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Where did the shoes go?

  1. Well done. In your tight schedule may be you didn’t get time to care him. He wants to turn your attention towards him. Care him.


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