Aquaponics – Setting up a new system

I just got a new aquaponic system setup today. 🙂

We have a 5 ft tall metallic stand on our roof top for keeping a back-up water tank for our home water supply. I utilized the bottom of this stand for setting up a fish tank. Metallic sheets of about two feet height were welded between the four legs. Then used a polyethylene sheet as the lining. This should hold about 500 litres of water.

Added two growbeds to the system. One is a small new growbed made from a used blue barrel. Second one is a reuse of a similar sized old growbed that was connected to another system earlier. These together would give only about 6-7 sq ft of grow space, which is about two thirds of the capacity what this fish tank can support. I will need to add one more growbed of similar size soon.



Growbeds are kept very close to the fish tank so that plumbing for getting water to the growbeds is easy.

This system will keep constant water  level in the fish tank and for now I am keeping the growbeds in constant flood mode, meaning growbeds will always have water two inches below the surface. I have kept a 2000L/hr (30W) pump in a common sump tank for pumping water back into the fish tank.

I temporarily stopped an existing small system for maintenance 🙂 and moved 10 or 12 tilapia into the new tank. Fish are looking happy.  🙂


I plan to plant long beans, cucumber and may be a melon plant (experiment) on these grow beds.

I’ll keep the system running for a couple of days before planting, just to make sure everything is running fine. Will keep the progress posted. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Aquaponics – Setting up a new system

    • Sorry about the slow response. If you haven’t found this already, you can buy a commercial turpoulin like Silpoulin. It is usually available in larger hardware shops. But better to buy it from dealers directly. There should be plenty of dealers of Silpoulin in Chennai. There are also other brands available with higher GSM and made specifically for this purpose.


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