Aquaponics – First harvest of Winter Melon / Kumbalanga

Winter Melon plant was slow to grow on aquaponics, but the wait was worth it!

We just harvested the first fruit today, may be a bit prematurely. But we didn’t want to wait too long since this is the first one. It weighs about 3.5kg (7lb), which is not unusual for winter gourd. There are a few more on the plant that we hope will grow a bigger.

Winter Gourd / Winter Melon / Kumbalanga grown in aquaponics (3.5kg / 7lb)

Our bottle gourd plant is almost dead and I just harvested the one we kept on the plant to extract seeds. Our rooftop still stays a mess where all my systems need overhauling. Will do that as soon as we harvest all winter melons that we can get 🙂
Will update more frequently as soon as things get back on track.

Today’s harvest – Bottle gourd and Winter Melon (Churakka and Kumbalanga)

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