Getting ready for winter vegetables!

Sorry! It’s been way too long to go without a post! Travel had gotten me away from farming for a while. It is time to do some catch up.

Just got some winter vegetable seedlings from VFPCK (Vegetables and Fruits Promotion Council Kerala). For the non-Keralite readers, winter isn’t quite winter for us other than dropping a few degrees (22-24C or 70-75F). But this is the only season we can grow Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrots, etc.

I am a bit late to get these plants going, but I hope they will fruit before the weather gets warmer.

Winter vegetable seedlings

Some of these seedlings will go into our Aquaponic growbeds and the others we will plabt in soil. Aquaponic growbeds need some serious maintenance before I can plant. But I have a few days before the seedlings will be ready to be moved over to the growbed.

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