Project Cilantro  (Malli / Coriander leaves)

Well, this can sound naive, but we have never been successful in growing cilantro, in aquaponics or otherwise. We managed to get a couple of plants earlier but that time we used seedlings from a nursery.

Just  for clarity (I didn’t know this before), Cilantro is the young plants of coriander. In Malayalam we call both cilantro (leaves) and coriander (seeds) with one name, “Malli”, so I was a bit confused until I read about it recently.

For the non-Keralite readers… We use Cilantro extensively in our dishes. But unfortunately it is one of the greens I have always been suspecious of having chemicals added for preserving freshness. Earlier days coriander (or Cilantro seeds) that we buy from grocery shops would easily sprout, but we don’t see that as much anymore. I wonder why!

Anyway our project now is to get a healthy batch of cilantro established and keep that going without having to find external seeds again! It’s been very hard to find a reliable source of organic Cilantro seeds so far. VFPCK doesn’t have it. I am going to try with some cilantro seeds (coriander) that we bought from grocery store for the time being and in parallel will find a reliable source of organic / non-GM Cilantro seeds. 

Cilantro seeds should be split into half (there two seeds in one) and then soaked for a day before planting. I have seeds now ready to planted. Will post how this goes.

Cilantro seeds / coriander / malli

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