Banana (Plantain) from rooftop container

Banana plant on rooftop container

We have a few banana plants on our rooftop grown in half cut drums (in soil, not aquaponic). We have been growing banana plants this way for a couple of years now. Results obviously are not anywhere close to the ones grown on the ground. But it is fun to see some banana plants on the rooftop and even more exciting when smaller version of bananas show up.

Banana (plantain) from rooftop container

We were forced to harvest one today. The plant was almost dead over the last one week and banana was starting to turn brown. I think we overfed the plant towards the end with aquaponic waste that came from our last growbed cleanup.

I always have been wanting to try a banana plant in aquaponics. Well, another item in my never ending aquaponic wishlist. 🙂

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