Aquaponics – Cabbage plant eaten by bugs

Cabbage and cauliflower are two of the most resilient plants that we have seen doing well in aquaponics. However, today we were taken by surprise to find out that one of our cabbage plants (and a young cabbage 😦 ) is eaten almost fully by some pests.

Cabbage plant infected in aquaponics

Yet to do a search on the Internet but any idea what these are and what would be an organic method to control them?

Luckily two other cabbage plants are not affected much. So I removed the infected plant from the growbed and washed the other two plants.

2 thoughts on “Aquaponics – Cabbage plant eaten by bugs

  1. I could be wrong but it looks like caterpillar damage. You can make an organic spray with Castile soap, water and garlic by steeping the garlic and letting it cool then adding a tablespoon of soap to one litre of water and spraying the plants. Caterpillars are hard to spot, but check the undersides of the leaves you might be able to pick them off. I wish you luck!


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