Sprouts – Chickpeas 10th day

I am not sure whether I can call them sprouts anymore! 🙂

Because of the nature of its leaves I couldn’t figure out when is it ready to be harvested as sprouts. Anyway I don’t think I should wait anymore, this is going to our kitchen table today or tomorrow.


Chickpeas sprouts 10th day

Sprouts – Chickpeas

We have been experimenting with different pulses for tray farming sprouts. This time it is  chickpeas.

I had never seen a chickpea plant before, so didn’t know what to expect.  It’s been over a week since we planted chickpeas and they are growing up fine although a bit slow. Leaves are very different from any pulses we have tried. I am not exactly sure of the right time to harvest, but going to wait for a couple more days.


Sprouted chickpeas


Chickpeas in tray


Chickpeas sprouts (7 days)