Aquaponics – Roots roots everywhere!

Last week I was travelling and, as if our aquaponics system knows when I am out of station, a growbed became flooded and gave my wife a hard time. I got back home over the weekend and we did some investigation. It turns out that the growbed is full of roots to the extent that water won’t flow through the grow media anymore.

One of the advantages of aquaponics is that we don’t have to get our hands dirty working with soil (yes, I can hear you, I agree, I am a lazy farmer 🙂 ), but having to clean 12 cubic feet of grow media tangled in roots isn’t fun either!

I seriously think I need to switch to deep water culture instead of media based growbed. In deep water culture, plants are suspended or stays afloat on water surface and roots hang into the water. This way taking a plant out is very easy. It has its own set of challenges, but I think that’s the way to go. Actually, most of the commercial aquaponic systems use this method for growing plants.

Sounds like a busy weekend is ahead! More on deep water culture coming.


Growbed is filled with roots


Water is getting filled above media