Aquaponics – Ridge gourd

This is the second time we are trying this variety of ridge gourd in aquaponics. First time we tried in a smaller growbed, but it didn’t do well. Probably the growing space was not sufficient given that ridge gourd is a pretty aggressive creeper. This time we left the plant all alone in a bit bigger aquaponic growbed and the results are encouraging.

Malaysian Rose Apple / Chambakka

Last year we had a couple of KG of harvest. This year it seems to be not as much, may be due to the hot weather. But we are happy with any that we can get. It is very sweet and delicious. Kids love it!

Malaysian Rose Apple / Chambakka (roof top)

Malaysian Rose Apple tree in a container on our roof top

Aquaponics – Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of those plants that grows really well in aquaponics. They are sturdy and less prone to pests.

Cauliflower grown in aquaponics

Last year we planted two plants as an experiment and they both turned out good. So this year we planted a few and they all are almost ready to be harvested. In fact, we were not certain when to harvest until we saw one starting to change color today.

Cauliflower harvest (aquaponics)

I wish if I could plant more now, but unfortunately cauliflower is seasonal and may not survive our summer. I will still see if I can find some seeds to experiment. 

Getting ready for winter vegetables!

Sorry! It’s been way too long to go without a post! Travel had gotten me away from farming for a while. It is time to do some catch up.

Just got some winter vegetable seedlings from VFPCK (Vegetables and Fruits Promotion Council Kerala). For the non-Keralite readers, winter isn’t quite winter for us other than dropping a few degrees (22-24C or 70-75F). But this is the only season we can grow Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrots, etc.

I am a bit late to get these plants going, but I hope they will fruit before the weather gets warmer.

Winter vegetable seedlings

Some of these seedlings will go into our Aquaponic growbeds and the others we will plabt in soil. Aquaponic growbeds need some serious maintenance before I can plant. But I have a few days before the seedlings will be ready to be moved over to the growbed.

Farmers’ market at the Los Angeles airport!

I am on a trip to US for business and had a transit through the LA airport. I was surprised to see a shop named Farmers’ Market in the middle of all the national chains.

As the name suggests everything in the shop, processed and fresh, seem to be directly from farmers in California. 

After the long 16hr flight, ambience of this shop was a breath of fresh air for me and I thought I should blog about it.

This is a month long trip and I hope to do some farm visits if I get a chance. More coming! 🙂

Aquaponics – Winter Melon / Kumbalanga (5kg/11lb)

Good harvest of Winter Melon / Ash Gourd today! Just over 5 kg / 11 lb. Exciting! 😀

This is going to my farmer-friends 🙂 and family. Nishad, Jasid and Antony, a share of this is heading your way today… Rosh, I wish if I could send one over to you too! 

Winter Melon / Winter Gourd / Ash Gourd / Kumbalanga grown in Aquaponics

Aquaponics – Winter Melon  (Kumbalanga / Ash gourd)

We harvested another Winter Melon today and shared with our neighbours. Kids love this opportunity to go see their friends, and some times they come home with treats 🙂

For the non-Keralite readers: Winter melon / Ash Gourd is a common vegetable used in Kerala for preparing a couple of popular side dishes for rice, known as Moru curry and Olan.

Aquaponics – First harvest of Winter Melon / Kumbalanga

Winter Melon plant was slow to grow on aquaponics, but the wait was worth it!

We just harvested the first fruit today, may be a bit prematurely. But we didn’t want to wait too long since this is the first one. It weighs about 3.5kg (7lb), which is not unusual for winter gourd. There are a few more on the plant that we hope will grow a bigger.

Winter Gourd / Winter Melon / Kumbalanga grown in aquaponics (3.5kg / 7lb)

Our bottle gourd plant is almost dead and I just harvested the one we kept on the plant to extract seeds. Our rooftop still stays a mess where all my systems need overhauling. Will do that as soon as we harvest all winter melons that we can get 🙂
Will update more frequently as soon as things get back on track.

Today’s harvest – Bottle gourd and Winter Melon (Churakka and Kumbalanga)