Aquaponics – Ash gourd / Kumbalanga

Last year we had excellent harvest of Ash Gourd, 20+ kg (40+ lbs), all from just one plant. So I tried again this year, but we have not been very lucky. We got only one Ash Gourd so far, barely 1kg (2lb). Plant isn’t looking healthy at all to produce any more. I think it has to do with the seedling that we purchased this time, and may be that we palnted it in a smaller growbed.

Aquaponics – Ash Gourd / Kumbalanga

I am starting to realize the importance of seed saving and sharing than always depending on external sources.

Bottle gourd on top of chicken enclosure

One of the bittle gourd plants in our aquaponic growbed made it onto the vegetable net spread ontop of the chicken enclosure.

Bottle gourd on top of chicken enclosure

I have posted about the three in one chicken enclosure earlier

Bottle gourd

This was designed for passion fruit, but bottle gourd grows too long to hold between the vegetable net and the roof of the enclosure. So had to harvest it early.

Aquaponics – Green Pumpkin / Indian Melon / Mathanga – first harvest

This is our first attempt growing pumpkin / mathan in aquaponics and result so far hasn’t been all that encouraging.

We planted a pumpkin seedling a couple of months ago on an aquaponic growbed. Plant grew fast and looked healthy. Since pumpkin plant is a creeper we spread a layer of coconut leaf to protect the plant from heat. 

There were plenty of flowers and many turned into tiny pumpkins. I was hopeful of a good harvest, but unfortunately only one made it big. May be it is the heat on the roof top or may be something else. Need to test more.

Pumpkin / mathanga – aquaponics

Ready for distribution – to my parents and the neighbour who gave us the coconut leaves 🙂

Pumpkin / mathan plant in aquaponic growbed

Tiny / young pumpkin / mathan in aquaponic growbed