Aquaponics – Ash gourd / Kumbalanga

Last year we had excellent harvest of Ash Gourd, 20+ kg (40+ lbs), all from just one plant. So I tried again this year, but we have not been very lucky. We got only one Ash Gourd so far, barely 1kg (2lb). Plant isn’t looking healthy at all to produce any more. I think it has to do with the seedling that we purchased this time, and may be that we palnted it in a smaller growbed.

Aquaponics – Ash Gourd / Kumbalanga

I am starting to realize the importance of seed saving and sharing than always depending on external sources.

Aquaponics – Winter Melon / Kumbalanga (5kg/11lb)

Good harvest of Winter Melon / Ash Gourd today! Just over 5 kg / 11 lb. Exciting! 😀

This is going to my farmer-friends 🙂 and family. Nishad, Jasid and Antony, a share of this is heading your way today… Rosh, I wish if I could send one over to you too! 

Winter Melon / Winter Gourd / Ash Gourd / Kumbalanga grown in Aquaponics

Aquaponics – Winter Melon  (Kumbalanga / Ash gourd)

We harvested another Winter Melon today and shared with our neighbours. Kids love this opportunity to go see their friends, and some times they come home with treats 🙂

For the non-Keralite readers: Winter melon / Ash Gourd is a common vegetable used in Kerala for preparing a couple of popular side dishes for rice, known as Moru curry and Olan.

Aquaponics – First harvest of Winter Melon / Kumbalanga

Winter Melon plant was slow to grow on aquaponics, but the wait was worth it!

We just harvested the first fruit today, may be a bit prematurely. But we didn’t want to wait too long since this is the first one. It weighs about 3.5kg (7lb), which is not unusual for winter gourd. There are a few more on the plant that we hope will grow a bigger.

Winter Gourd / Winter Melon / Kumbalanga grown in aquaponics (3.5kg / 7lb)

Our bottle gourd plant is almost dead and I just harvested the one we kept on the plant to extract seeds. Our rooftop still stays a mess where all my systems need overhauling. Will do that as soon as we harvest all winter melons that we can get 🙂
Will update more frequently as soon as things get back on track.

Today’s harvest – Bottle gourd and Winter Melon (Churakka and Kumbalanga)