Aquaponics – Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of those plants that grows really well in aquaponics. They are sturdy and less prone to pests.

Cauliflower grown in aquaponics

Last year we planted two plants as an experiment and they both turned out good. So this year we planted a few and they all are almost ready to be harvested. In fact, we were not certain when to harvest until we saw one starting to change color today.

Cauliflower harvest (aquaponics)

I wish if I could plant more now, but unfortunately cauliflower is seasonal and may not survive our summer. I will still see if I can find some seeds to experiment. 

Aquaponics -Update

I have not been doing a good job of posting updates lately, so here is a catch up.

We did a clean up of all our tanks and growbeds and the next batch of plants are already getting close to harvest, bitter gourd had been the first which I posted a couple of days ago. 

Here are some pictures… eight weeks of growth.

New batch of vegetables (tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant / brinjal, mint)

Smaller growbed for climbers

Growth after two weeks

Growth after six weeks

Mint with big leaves, may be due to shade of other plants

Aquaponics – tomato

Aquaponics – First harvest of cauliflower

We planted a couple of cauliflower on an aquaponic growbed in mid November. Plants grew fast and looked really healthy. However it was a bit slow to flower. We just harvested one today and there is one more getting ready.

I want to plant a buch more but have to wait until next Oct for cooler weather :-(. May be I should try again before that under rain/sun shelter. Anybody had sucess in growing cauliflower out of season in Kerala?

In short, cauliflower does well in aquaponics. For those who are hands on, I had these plants in a constant flood gravel based 1.5×13 ft. bed connected to a 1000L constant water-level (CHIFT) fish tank with sump, with around 40 tilapia (Nilotica) of 6-8 inches fed with commercial (I know, I hate it too) feed.


Cauliflower – getting ready