Aquaponics – Quick update

A lot of hard work is going into setting up a new growbed that will be powered by the fish tank under the chicken enclosure (“three in one” I posted earlier).

Since this system is some what like a new design, challenges are expected and working through those now. Everything is looking good, except that the syphon is not working properly due to the lack of height difference between the growbed and sump tank. However it will work fine in a constant flood configuration. I’ll post more on these different systems and how to set those up once I have the current system up and running.


New growbed being setup

On the plants side, no pest challenges since the last snake gourd attack (not that I am loking for one 🙂 ). Snake gourd looks like is slowly getting back to life and starting to have flowers again.

Aquaponics – Snake gourd (Padavalanga) first harvest

Despite all the pest challenges we just got our first snake gourd harvested today. Very encouraging!


Happy young farmer (my two year old with his new toy)

Snake gourd first harvest

Infestation now seems to be under control, but it made serious damage to the plant and slowed down growth and flowers. But I am hopeful that it will thrive again.