Aquaponics – Green Pumpkin / Indian Melon / Mathanga – first harvest

This is our first attempt growing pumpkin / mathan in aquaponics and result so far hasn’t been all that encouraging.

We planted a pumpkin seedling a couple of months ago on an aquaponic growbed. Plant grew fast and looked healthy. Since pumpkin plant is a creeper we spread a layer of coconut leaf to protect the plant from heat. 

There were plenty of flowers and many turned into tiny pumpkins. I was hopeful of a good harvest, but unfortunately only one made it big. May be it is the heat on the roof top or may be something else. Need to test more.

Pumpkin / mathanga – aquaponics

Ready for distribution – to my parents and the neighbour who gave us the coconut leaves 🙂

Pumpkin / mathan plant in aquaponic growbed

Tiny / young pumpkin / mathan in aquaponic growbed